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About TGIF Software

About Us

TGIF Software was started in 1984 as The Great Information Factory, Inc. by Steve Cummings.

Its creation was a result of industry demand for an information system that encompassed all the needs of small to medium LTL (less than truckload) carriers. Working as the MIS and Controller for a major California LTL Carrier, Steve used his inside knowledge of the LTL transportation Industry to author a system for that carrier. Other carriers learned of the benefits of this unique, user-friendly system primarily by word of mouth and also adopted Steve’s software. As carriers prevailed with the system, Cummings decided to make the software available to the industry.

As times have changed, so have the information technology needs of our customers. To better serve those needs, the team and its software became part of the SMS Datacenter family in 2021.

Even from the start, TGIF strives to be a solution on the leading edge of technology. Constant improvement in both the software and our service is our goal. We are committed to all of our customers — a commitment easily visible! We have several customers that have been using the software for over 20 years. Being part of SMS Datacenter now allows us to more easily continue our tradition of serving as a sole provider of IT needs for many of our customers.

We offer a fully integrated enterprise-level system designed with the user in mind. All modules and programs are menu-driven and designed to be self-explanatory. Our installation process and user-friendly environment assure complete training and a reduced learning curve so that all the benefits of the system will be realized quickly. We continue to leverage new technology and partner with other organizations through technologies such as EDI (electronic data interchange) and APIs (application programming interfaces) to continue reaching our goal.

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Over 25 Years
In Business

TGIF was established with the mission of providing Information Systems that meet the needs of small to medium carriers.
Our core value proposition is to constantly improve our software and service.


Proven software used in the industry since 1982
Exceptional six-month money-back warranty
Inside knowledge of the LTL transportation industry
Single software solution for your operational needs
Focused solely on transportation
Committed to customers as partners
Installation and training prepare you to use the software
24/7 software support
Software customization to fit unique customer needs
Constant improvement and enhancement commitment