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Freight Billing & Rating

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automated freight billing and rating

Automated Freight Billing & Rating

With automated rating and billing, you can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your rating. Multiple price levels are handled automatically with the designation of up to an 8-digit rate level in the customer tariff master file. This allows for a unique tariff for each customer if necessary.

  • Customize and maintain an unlimited number of your own rate tariffs in addition to:
    • Distance tables
    • Surcharges
    • Minimum charges
    • Flat charges
    • Accessorial charges
    • Fuel Surcharges
    • Customer-specific discounts
    • Rate by hundred weight, pieces, pallet, cube, etc.
    • Recognize deficit weights
    • Issue and retain rate quotes
    • Calculate D83 splits on interline shipments
  • The rating and billing program can be set up to account for up to five interline-agent revenue splits.
  • The differentiation between intrastate and interstate shipments can be set up either globally or by customers via the tariff master files.
  • The program allows for Master billing including drop-off charges and part lots.
  • Commonly used descriptions of commodities can be pre-built and used by the billers to eliminate redundant entries. This is especially helpful when billing lengthy hazardous bills.
  • Display freight bills online at any time.
  • Integration to SMC3 Rateware XL
  • Reprint all documents:
    • Delivery receipts (with bar codes)
    • Delivery manifests and line manifests
    • Freight bills (with bar codes)
    • Statements