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  • The Operations program offers all of the components needed to complete your daily operational tasks including automated routing and manifesting.
  • Create and print delivery manifests and line manifests.
  • Print delivery receipts.
  • The Freight Pickup program enables you to schedule automatic pickups for specific customers. The Pickup program also allows shippers to call any location in your system to request a pickup. Once the pickup request is entered into the system, the appropriate dispatcher is automatically notified, through the messaging system, to check his unassigned pickups for details. We also have the software to handle online pickup requests via the Internet.
  • The dispatch program allows access to all real-time load information. Important customer information such as credit status, special handling requirements, and dock hours can be accessed prior to committing to a pickup. This allows complete control of load planning. Load information can also be displayed by driver, route, or location which enables all users to have timely information for customers.
  • The Appointment Management program allows for interactive appointment scheduling.
  • Tracing shipments is specifically designed to allow the ultimate flexibility. Customer service is the principle behind the development of the tracing program. TransFormation offers access to all relevant shipment information through inquiry. Some of the tracing features are by:
    • Freight Bill number
    • Shippers number
    • Purchase Order number
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Number
    • Shipment Date
    • Zip Code
    • Telephone Number
    • Street Address
    • City
  • The Tracing programs provide the customer representative with the flexibility needed for both parties to realize substantial benefit from the prompt availability of information.