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General Ledger

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general ledger

General Ledger

  • A state-of-the-art G/L package for the iSeries that allows you to drill down or roll up from the account level by simply clicking the mouse. Advanced features like sorting, filtering, and prompting are also a mouse click away. A configurable income statement and balance sheet are output in a true spreadsheet format. Plus, data can be exported in a CSV format. You can also set the system up to e-mail reports to location or department managers.
  • Features include:
    • Accounts payable and payroll accrual on demand
    • The ability to make either general, accrual (reverse next month), or recurring journal entries
    • Automatic tax and insurance expense calculations
    • Allows for multiple companies
    • Allow multiple periods to be open at the same time
    • Can automatically create year-end entries to post to retained earning (owners equity)
    • Prevent journal entries from sources other than G/L once a period is closed or prevent all entries when a period is finalized
    • Reversing entries will automatically post to both periods
    • Recurring entries will automatically advance to the next period once posted
    • Extensive edits to prevent out-of-balance entries
  • The chart of the accounts numbering system is the ICC chart of accounts (xxxxxx). In addition, there are provisions for terminal or branch designation (up to 9999) with separate terminal P & L statements available.
  • The Asset Accounting System provides for tracking of all assets and allows for automatic depreciation/amortization journal entries to the general ledger.